The Awakening


"Pass it on" and win up to 500$

Some books with special codes have been left? Forgotten? Placed? sent? in different places in the world for anyone to read. If you found one such book - One with a special note on the first page and a special code - then you may participate in our special 'Pass it on' challenge.

No purchase necessary.

Our goal is to see how fast and how far a book can travel from where they were left.

Register on this website using the special code and you may be eligible to win a prize and it will allow us to track the book's movements.

Important to be eligible;

After you registered, you ‘Must’ contact us using the ‘Contact Form’ on our web site and provide;

- The special code

- Your username (the one you just used to register on our website)

- Your full real name

- And your full address

If by any chance you get your hands on one of those special books and you were already registered on our web site, simply send us a message with those information using the ‘Contact Form’

Once you read the book, simply give it to someone, or leave it somewhere for someone to find - without risk of the book getting destroyed - and let the challenge continue to be 'Passed on'

Buy our book and order online if you liked it so you can keep a copy and pass this special one along.

Once one of those books reaches 100, 250 and 500 persons (maybe more afterwards), we will proceed with a random pick of all the registered users for that particular special code and give a prize of 100$, 250$ and 500$ respectively. The money will be distributed via ‘Paypal’

Only one registration per IP address or per physical address is allowed.

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