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All our art work on this website are hereby covered under a Creative Commons license, unless otherwise stated.
It means, anyone is free to:
  • Share our work - You can save, print it out, and show it to other people. You may post it on forums, imageboards, and chatrooms. You may also distribute it in any format or package.
  • Adapt our work - This means people are free to modify it. You may translate the comic pages into another language, recolor something from the gallery, create fan art or fiction of the characters or worlds, create your own comic or artwork based on it, etc...

You are allowed to do any of this, so long as you:

  • Provide attribution - You must give us credit as the source and as much as possible: link to our web site and the relative work. Do not claim our work as your own.
  • Non-commercial - You cannot sell our work, or include it in anything for sale, unless you make specific arrangements with us.
  • Share-Alike - If you do modify our work, it should also be covered under this same license, or an equivalent license.

This license applies to all our publicly available work. It does not apply to our commercial work, such as comic books, booklets, novels and accessories.

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